We offer pharmacogenetic testing, drug testing, groups and individual services to those who may be in recovery, are in search of recovery or for those who love someone who struggles with addiction or is in recovery. All groups require an individual assessment before joining a group.

Addiction and Recovery Counseling Workshops

This Addiction and Recovery, six-series workshop is appropriate for substance abuse counselors and therapists seeking certification and for license and certification renewal. These trainings are open to all who are interested.

6 CE per topic for a total of 36 CE hours for the series of 6 workshops.

We offer workshops at these locations:
Atlanta Statesboro

We offer the following groups:

Codependent Less Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 am - 9:45 am

This group is aimed at those who have a loved one who struggles or has struggled with addiction. This group will allow for skill building and processing. Our goals will be to address setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, learning to nurture without enabling, detaching from unhealthy behaviours and learning to forgive and love oneself.

Tapping into My Spirituality Tuesdays Noon - 1:00 pm

This 6 session group-style course will be offered to those finding themselves or a family member at a crossroads in life. Often when we experience a spiritual crisis or emergency, some circumstance in ours or a loved one’s life that shakes up belief systems or points to a divergence from values, and it is from these personal or familial experiences that we can often emerge spiritually. This course will aid members in developing their own personal definition of Spirituality- as well as the behaviors that they will co-create to continue moving forward on their newly established path. Past and current doubts, fears, and struggles related to religious or spiritual practices and terminology will be examined, in the hope that deeper understanding or meaning may come to light as a result of those precipitating negative experiences. The introduction to prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and heart-centeredness will allow members to find techniques that aid in their personal expression of spirituality. The concepts of evolving awareness and inspired consciousness will be explored, as will the techniques relating to journaling, mandalas, expressive art, purposeful breathing and movement. Spontaneous spiritual experiences will be defined and shared. Members will leave the course with a deeper understanding of their own concept of Spirituality as well as a tangible plan to continue seeking, including support groups and other resources that will allow them to explore and deepen their understanding of their spiritual life path.

Am I at Risk? Tuesdays 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

This group is for the individual who may have experienced some negative consequences as a result of substance use, been nagged by others to reduce or eliminate substance use or just questions their substance use. This group will explore what clinicians recognize as the pre-contemplative and contemplative stages in the stages of change. Participants will learn about the stages of addiction, the differences between substance use, substance abuse and addiction.

Managing My Recovery Thursdays 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

I am in recovery. Now what do I do? How do I maintain recovery and build my life? What obstacles are normal and how can I overcome them? What do I really need to know about recovery, but did not know to ask? This group is for those who have started their recovery journey, but would like some additional support.

Anger Management Classes Saturdays 10:30 am - Noon Thursdays 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Are you struggling to manage anger outbursts? Are you mandated to complete an anger management group by DFCS or the courts. Join us for 8 - 12 weekly sessions led by a Certified Anger Management Specialist that will allow you to learn about the source of your stress and frustrations and learn how to effectively manage in any situation. The goals of our anger management program is to assist you in increasing awareness of your menu of response options available to you to manage your anger, develop healthy ways of expressing anger, and to take greater responsibility and accountability for your anger. At the successful end of your sessions you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Individual Sessions are available as requested.


Meet the Staff

Randy Eberhard CADC-T

Randy Eberhard is a Recovery and Family Pastoral Counselor in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also worked with Young Life for the past 28 years, most recently serving as the Senior Area Director. Randy studied psychology at the Mercer University and is pursuing training to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the IC-RC international certification board.

Randy has worked with countless adolescents and their families with an emphasis on addiction and recovery. He has been a featured speaker to a variety of organizations, schools, and churches throughout the Atlanta area. Randy received training in family recovery, orientation and regeneration through various organizations, including No Longer Bound in Cumming, Georgia and The Waypoint Center in Dahlonega, Georgia. In his ministry, Randy focuses on conflict resolution, relapse prevention, as well as general issues involving substance abuse and addiction to encourage and inspire his clients in their recovery. He also walks with families as they face conflict and grief.

Kelly Michael Moselle MA, MS, CAMS II

Kelly has worked in the field of addiction and recovery since 2008. He currently works in private practice, offering groups in codependency, managing recovery, anger management and clinical supervision. Most recently, Kelly was honored as the recipient of Caron’s 2019 Educational Excellence Award for demonstrating exceptional wisdom and leadership in supporting and embracing programs that educate students, families and communities in the awareness of substance use disorders

Kelly served as the Executive Director for many years at ADACBGA, the largest addiction certification board in Georgia. Kelly has helped to create many unique treatment and recovery-oriented systems of care, including serving as program director and clinical director in a variety of treatment settings. Prior to working with those seeking recovery from substance use disorders, Kelly worked in higher education for over 16 years, where he focused upon learning outside the traditional classroom; giving back to the community, building civic and social responsibility, and developing the whole person.

Kelly brings this same passion to working with people in early recovery. As an introduction to serving others struggling with addiction, Kelly worked in the residential recovery field, helping young adults discover their path in sobriety. Whether supervising professional staff, building recovery coalitions, or working directly with individuals, his dedication is to creating the optimal recovery experience for each person.

A man with a mission, Kelly loves to travel, volunteers locally and has engaged in service internationally. He has embarked on several mission trips to Tanzania, Africa to aid those living with HIV, to help empower women and to provide education on addiction. Locally, Kelly serves in a variety of capacities on the following boards: Southeastern Institute on Chemical Dependency, Southeastern PLA, Georgia School of Addiction Studies, Annual Rural HIV Research and Training Conference - Planning Committee and as co-chair of the IC&RC ADC Committee.

Kelly earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Syracuse University, a Master’s Degree in Education from the State University of New York at Potsdam and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University.

Kelly lives in Decatur, GA with his partner, four dogs and two cats.

Brian Archipley CADC-T

Brian’s interest in working with others came at an early age. At 22, he enrolled in an esoteric healing certification program to begin formally learning how to cultivate his ability to heal others from pain and provide them with spiritual guidance and insight. He was so enthusiastic about the blossoming of his talents in this arena, he pursued certification to the highest level possible at that time: He quickly realized that he wanted to pursue religious education and spiritual practices at a higher level and subsequently entered seminary at Sancta Sophia Seminary in Talaquah Oklahoma, an interfaith Christian based program, specializing in preparing individuals to receive ordination as ministers through Light of Christ community church. This process of discipleship brought forth the necessary classes and practicums to refine and hone pastoral counseling and healing skills. Brian ultimately received a Masters degree in Spirituality and was ordained as a minister in the name of Christ. He brought his ministry to the business world and worked in that arena for many years. While working in big business he realized that his favorite part of the job was connecting in small ways with his associates and assisting with with personal and professional issues whenever possible during the course of daily corporate life. This passion encouraged him to enroll in a second Masters degree, specializing in addiction studies and therapeutic counseling. This degree allows him to work toward being a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Brian interned at the Carter Treatment Center in Cumming Georgia and was employed there as a certified intensive outpatient addictions counselor. He is in his second year of supervision as he pursues the LPC, and is excited about bringing his experience and skills to those in need of help. He intends to help his clients and their families to learn about, and successfully navigate life issues relating to addiction, co-dependence, grief, trauma, and family based issues. He waits with a joyful heart to serve those seeking assistance with life challenges in the Greater Atlanta area.

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